Manufacture and Assembly

Manufacture and Assembly

Industry relevance

This module is designed to help designers to gain sensitivity towards those aspects of manufacture that are critical to the success of a design. A detailed chapter is devoted for GD and T to help candidates develop drawing reading (or fully appreciate model based definition) skills which indeed gives a detailed idea about component architecture, functionality and assembly. Emphasis is given to the effect of manufacturing process on the component strength. Certain aspects of quality control such as process capability are also given a brief discussion.
A brief discussion is also given to heat treatment and process engineering

Learning outcomes
  •  Appreciation for component detailing (dimensional and geometric tolerancing)
  •  Appreciation for metal joining process
  •  Heat treatment
  •  Selection of manufacturing process
  •  Conventional manufacture vs Additive manufacture.

Course Content

Process capability Quality control

  • Process capability Quality control

Alloying advantages in manufacture

  • Alloying advantages in manufacture

GD and T

  • GD and T

Introduction to tolerance stackup analysis and challenges

  • Introduction to tolerance stackup analysis and challenges

Heat treatment

  • Heat treatment

Weldingof stress analysis from aerostructures.

  • Welding

Basic introduction to additive manufacture

  • Basic introduction to additive manufacture

Choosing a manufacturing process

  • Choosing a manufacturing process

Course Features
Lectures : Pre-recorded webinars on all modules
Quizzes : Quizzes after each sub module.
Language : English
Assessments : A comprehensive assement
Certificate of Completion : yes
Reference : A handout on the critical information.
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