Integrated Physics Webinars

Integrated Physics Webinars

Industry relevance

This module fundamentally focusses on advanced physics concepts relevant to component stress and vibration situations relevant to aero and auto industry. This is mapped to each physics module of phase 1 such that fundamental learning is consolidated with appreciation for several real time aspects.

Learning outcomes
  •  Appreciation for rigorous application of fundamental concepts
  •  Hand calculation skills (needed for routine design assessments)
  •  Exposure to 1D modelling of systems.
  •  Appreciation for loads and load path
  •  Conceiving obvious and unobvious failure modes

Course Content

Tilted Rotor

Wedge mechanism

Discontinuity stresses and Free hoop radius

Analysis of Helical Gear interaction

Effect of temperature on Bolted joint analysis

Introduction to Campbell diagram

Consistent mass matrix vs Lumped mass matrix

Course Features
Lectures : Pre-recorded webinars on all modules
Quizzes : Quizzes after each sub module.
Language : English
Assessments : yes
Certificate of Completion : yes